Photo courtesy of Mike Hough

Old Field Ladies’ Tresses (Spiranthes sheviakii)

This species was described by board members Mike Hough and Matt Young in 2021. It is named in honor of Charles J. Sheviak, former Curator of Botany at the New York State Museum who originally described this species as the ‘old field ecotype’ of Spiranthes cernua s.l. (Sheviak 1982).

Appearance & ID Tips
Flowers mid September to early October in the northern portion of its range; late September to late October in the southern portion of its range.

Acidic, dry to mesic successional habitats, old fields, and thickets undergoing succession to oak-hickory and mixed hardwood-pine forests. It also occurs in dry open woodland on bluff crowns and ravine rims in the southern portion of its range.